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MNPL 2011 Leaderboard
Event Wins  2011
Naybur-6  Thru 2 qtrs
Chembro-4  0 weeks
El Gun-3  
Top 3 Finishes  First Out Clown
Naybur-11  Sully-5
Chembro-9  Coach-4
Russian-7  Lou-3
Taint-7  Chembro-3

Monday Night Poker League


It Is D-Wayne's World!
posted 5/27/12- D- Wayne is our hero! It is D-wayne's world! Can we all just try and hang in while MNPL is being run over by this superstar? 2012 Q1 bracelet winner takes event 8 and again is the points leader for 2012 q2 @ MNPL. How long will this guy get hit by the deck? How much lucky shit did he step into? Time will tell...congrats to the current NEXT BIG THING in poker @ MNPL!

Read this from Taint! Reposted from email!

I don't understand why people want la gun back he was the greatest player in our history. He also completly bitch slapped Sully and Wayne and they would try to have hero calls against him then donk off all of their chips to Tammy.similiar to how Chembro always wants to school Sully, I understand I'm talking out of line about Carlo because he did win a bracelet in 2007 yes you read it  right 5 years ago or 20 quartets ago. When Tammy plays its like a part time job for him. Let Tommy come back after his husband totally emanciates him into a ohh I don't know u of Joe help me here.  Oh yes I got it a limping in A-10 motherfucker who askes why do they keep catching and busting my AA of KK or QQ when I do the the same 3 bet but can't get Wayne or Sully to fold. I may be bitter though when Tammys husband starts looking for a real man again and Tammy is totally broken then and only then should he be allowed back to participate in our pussy whipped league ( or for Sully's boy cock throated league).But I may be tainted in my opinion

The Taint

U of Joe did respond:

For those people with IQ's hovering around or about 50, that A-10 limping mother fucker would be me.  Taint, sorry about that, but when you raised me, I went all in with the thinking that if I had to lose all my chips, why not lose it to a fellow MNPL player in the hopes that he would bring fame and glory to MNPL.  I explained this to you, but after reading this post, I have to come to the conclusion that you don't give a fuck about MNPL. By the way I only limp in against you because it actually works. It does not work against Wayne and Sully.  I have come to the conclusion that if Sully is in the hand, I must fold, even Aces.  U of J

Sully had these fine words to say:

You know I hate to see that even though I'm not even at these events I am sill being brought up in but yet....emails going back n forth ppl being made fun of...this is what mnpl is all about so I loveeeeee it...even taint being knocked out is even better keep em I would love to see the email from tammy

And of Tammy said this: can this be true??

Gun will be back, May 14th. He Will join Q3 as well. Thank you- El guns agent
Bracelets? Can you say bracelets? We have given away now 21(update)  bracelets since 2007... here are the totals:
El gun-8
Dr Jay-1
U of Joe-1

21 up and 21 down...who will win the next 21...



















 D-Wayne-7  47
 Sully-8  35
 Russian-5  32
 Taint-7  31
 Coach-7  31
 U of Joe-8  28
 Chembro-7  28
 Phenom-2  13
 El Gun-2  13
 JoeyC-3  10
 Sweet Lou-4  11
 Dr Jay-1  06
 Cowboy-1  05
 Best 9 of 12  
 events scored  
 *not in points  
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