Monday Night Poker League



What will happen to MNPL if Taint moves to California? free polls 
How many days does it take the commish to post MNPL results when he wins that night?
Before your car arrives in your driveway on your way home that night
Faster than Sully can squeek out a pungent fart
Faster than Kenyans in the New York City Marathon
Equivalent to Star Wars Warp speed on the Millenium Falcon free polls

Do you know the names of the 3 new players @MNPL
Yes Tom, Derek and Harry
Of course Manny Moe and Jack
Certainly! Moe Larry and Curly
John Paul Ringo and George..oops they are the Stones!
Lou Coach and U of wait they are OLD players (that was for Sully)
Moses, Father Time and U of Joe aka the Dust in the Blood brothers free polls
What should MNPL do when Sully farts?
Breathe in deeply, the smell is fucking magic!
Spray his ass, literally, with ZIP, that 70s spray
15 minute penalty, no wait he might win by NOT playing
Have the Salty Sea Dog sample the aroma, then quit the game
Here is a thought, use the bathroom asshole!
Force him to run naked outside the building...been there, done that! free polls

What did Taint talk about for the first hour @ mnpl?
Poker...he is a savant you know
Cars... apparently he is the worst driver and salesman...ever
Not sure...I was too busy making a noose to hang myself
He was quiet! Oh happy days! Oh shit, that was last week
Dr Jay. Sweet Lou, El Gun and Phenom are smarter than we think
Leave Taint alone, his words are magic to my ears free polls
What did El Gun do monday night?
Play poker idiot, it was Monday night!
Give his better half a loofah sponge bath and shower her with lavender petals
Ask to play poker and told no no no
Worked late to earn money for his honey
Wait Tammy plays poker? Have not seen her since 2009... free polls

Does U of Joe have dust in his blood?
Yes and dirt too
No asshole
Yes and Sully is my son
No and what jackass said this?
Yes and so does my brother Moses free polls
Who or what is a "BadAss"
Our newest player Bill
Taint slamming objects when he loses
Sully farting ...BadASS..bad-ass ..get it?
Pictures of shit on your cell phone
Drunk Tom ... sorry he was just an "ass" free polls

Dwayne won a bracelet...big deal right? free polls 
Sully won 2 events in a row...what do you think of that?
Sully is an old bald motherfucker... who cares
2? Sully can count to 2?
Yeah so what did he finish this week? oh yeah... last
Dumbshit eats a 7 pound burrito before poker; way to bring your A-game to MNPL!
More important, who gets the next blow job?
I have no time for this since I am still cleaning up the bathroom he shit in last night free polls 
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